The front man Erik Augustsson is a master of strong melodies and
bombastic tunes that signifies Ultrabeat´s music. He combines modern
techno/dance music with lyrics that praise and worship the Lord Jesus Christ.
"I've been a Christian as far back as I can remember, but I definitely made
a decision about it when I was 12". Now, and still in his homeland of Sweden,
Erik's taking the beauty and joy he found in his worship and translating it into
the voice of superb dance music, and becoming very successful at it.

The third album "Shine through my life" is, according to many, the
best album yet, packed with fat beats and Jesus centered songs.
Ultrabeat also got a full page feature in the christian music magazine,
CCM Magazine in 2003.

One of the biggest shows Ultrabeat has done was when they performed in
one of Sweden´s biggest arenas, "the Globe" along with Delirious, World
Wide Message Tribe, and many other top name Christian music acts.